Valentines Day Braided Updo

Valentines Day is right around the corner. Here is a quick and simple hairstyle that is perfect for date night. If you can braid, you can do this updo. This style is best on medium to long hair.


What you will need:
Texture spray/Powder, Bobby Pins,  Elastic bands, Hairspray

Step 1) Add texture spray or powder for grip and tease roots for desired volume. Section the hair into 2 sections. Top and bottom.
Step 2) Braid the bottom section add an elastic band to the ends.
Step 3) Wrap the braid around in a bun shape and pin in place with bobby pins.
Step 4) Start a French braid at the front of your hair on the opposite side of your part and braid towards the back.
Step 5) Keep French braiding across the back of your head until you have reached the opposite side and run out of hair. Then, add an elastic to the ends.
Step 6) Wrap the braid around the first braid and pin in place and make sure the ends are tucked away. Finish with hairspray and you’re DONE!

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