A “Foolproof” Way To Quickly Tightline Your Eyes

We’ve all tried tightlining a time or two and sometimes it can be difficult especially when you’re in a rush. I don’t claim this to be “the only way to go” when it comes to tightlining but it definitely will work for you if you’re not confident in applying it the “right” way. Besides, who said set these standards for the right way anyway?

 Things you’ll need: Eye lash curler, Gel liner and Brush
Start by taking your favorite gel liner with a liner brush and simply line the rubber part of the lash curler. Make sure you have enough product on the curler.

Get right at the base of your lash line and “curl”. Check out the difference between the first and second pic. It only took a couple seconds and a couple squeezes. The last photo includes mascara.

This technique lines your lash line instead of your eyelid for a natural, thick lash look.


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