Simple Updo Tutorial 

I just love a simple hairstyle! I do enough difficult hairstyles on my brides, so when it comes to my own hair, I like something a little more simple but always interesting. This one is SUPER easy to do yourself. 

Thing you’ll need: Teasing combTexture sprayElastic bandsBobby pinsHairspray

Before you get started, add some texture spray to your hair for grip and tease for desired volume. Here we go……

Step 1) Seperate the sides from the back and put the back section into a ponytail.

Step 2) Take that ponytail and do a traditional, old-fashion tuck. Pull the hair to tighten.

Step 3) Pick up the sides and give a slight twist (or a lot of twist if you prefer).

Step 4) Put the sides in a ponytail. Now is the time pull out any pieces around your face that you want down.

Step 5) Tuck that section just like the first section. Feel free to stop here if you want.

Step 6) Take another elastic and tie the ends off of the remaining hair making sure it’s really tight.

Step 7) Tuck that ponytail into the center of the previous two and secure the center with bobby pins. Finish with hairspray.


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