Pretty Simple Ponytail Tutorial 

I love quick and easy ways to enhance normal everyday hairstyles. I mean if you’re gonna wear a ponytail, why not make it interesting? Follow these simple steps to achieve this look. 

Products needed: hair elastic and hair spray


Before you start step one, make sure you tease the hair first if you desire more volume.

Step 1) Put your hair in a low ponytail leaving the hair at the nape out.

Step 2) Divide the hair at nape into 2 sections. Make a “hole” with your fingers on 1 side of the ponytail and grab the nape section from the opposite side.

Step 3) Grab that section with your fingers and pull through.

Step 4) Repeat on opposite side.

Step 5) Since the hair that you just pulled through is gonna be really “loose”, you’re gonna need to secure it. To do that, lift the ponytail and grab a loop from the elastic band and pull the loose hair through tightly. Now it’s perfect!

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