Soft Valentine’s Day Makeup 

I just love Valentine’s Day. It’s a time where Jonathan and I book dinner reservations at fancy places we don’t normally eat at and I always “try” to make him some kind of fancy dessert. It’s also a time where I like to get all dolled up to feel beautiful for our date.

For this special occasion, I tend to like the traditional “pink” tones on my face. I LOVE soft romantic makeup that’s not over the top. I don’t want my husband looking at all the makeup on my face, I want him to see me lol.

I’m gonna list all of the products that I used on my face, but there is one product in particular that I want to focus on and that is the Naturally Pretty Palette from It Cosmetics. This palette is my absolute favorite eyeshadow palette. Look at those colors!! I don’t usually go for dramatic dark shades at all so this palette is perfect for me. The colors are soft, super blendable and very pretty. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! You can mix ANY of the shades together beautifully. They are matte shades with a transforming pearl that you can add to any of the shades for a touch of shimmer. It’s gonna be difficult finding a palette to beat this one for me. Although, they have a new palette out called Naturally Pretty Romantics that I am dying to get my hands on. 

For this look, I started by applying #1 Love all over the lid (A beautiful soft pink).  Then #2 Soft Light over that (A very light gray shade). For the crease, I started with #3 Warmth (which is a warm tan shade) and I blended it out. Then I applied #4 Soulful directly into the crease followed by #5 All Heart. (Both of these shades are mauvey blush shades). To add depth I applied #6 Violet in the outer corner. Lastly, I added the lightest shade #7 Sheer Joy mixed with Transforming pearl at the brow bone and inner corner. This sounds like a lot of colors mixed together, but they blend so well you just can’t mess it up.

Here are the products I used for this look

PRIMER: NYX photo loving Primer

FOUNDATION: Bare Pro Foundation by Bare Minerals in the shade Champagne

CONCEALER: Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics

BRONZER: Rimmel natural bronzer

BLUSH: Sorme Mineral blush in the shade Harmony

HIGHLIGHT: Hourglass luminous light

MASCARA: Great Lash lots of lashes

BROWS: Sorme brow powder in the shade soft smoke

EYELINER: Maybelline gel liner

SHADOWS: Naturally Pretty Palette by It Cosmetics

LIPSTICK:  Maybelline Color Sensation in the shade Made Me Pink



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