Valentine’s Heart Hairstyle (Two Ways)

Braided Heart
Looped Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, so I thought it would be really fun to create these heart themed hair tutorials. How cute are they? They are very easy to achieve and perfect for date night or a night out with the girls. And to the moms out there, how adorable would these styles be on your daughters as you send them off to school on Valentine’s Day? They would feel so special. Let’s get started!

Things you will need: Clear Elastics, Bobby Pins, Hairspray.
The Braided Heart 
1) Brush all of your hair back and leave out whatever pieces you want down in the front. Just like the pic, braid one half of the top section and secure with an elastic.

2)Repeat on the other top half.

3)Pull the edges of the braid to expand it.

4)Loop the braid around toward the center of the head and around the top.

5)Place a bobby pin at the top of the braid securing it flat to the head.

6)Place another bobby pin on the side of the braid securing it flat to the head.

7)Repeat steps 3-6 on other side and secure the ends with an elastic.

The Looped Heart
1) Take two sections at the temples and secure them with an elastic.

2) Starting with one side, take a section of hair from above the ears and pull it towards the center.

3) Bring this piece of hair over the center.

4) Pull this hair through and secure it with a clip until you finish the opposite side.

5)Repeat on opposite side and secure the ends with an elastic. Then gently pull the edges of the heart for extra fullness.

I hope you try these hairstyles! I would love to see them if you did…just hashtag #hairandmakeupbyemily



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