Half-up Braid Tutorial 

I love half-up styles so much! I feel like there are thousands of ways to style your hair in a half-up style. My favorite styles are the ones with braids so you’ll be seeing lots of braids. I recently wore this style to church this past Sunday and had so many people ask me how I did it. I felt like it was too easy not to share a step by step tutorial.

Supplies needed: Teasing CombBobby PinsTexture SprayHairspray

Before you start, spray your hair with texture spray for grip and tease with a teasing comb for desired volume.

Separate the crown section from the rest of your hair.
Take that crown section and give it a slight twist.
Place a bobby pin or 2 into the twist attaching it to the hair at the scalp. This is called “tunnel pinning”.
Start a french braid at the front of your head and keep french braiding until you reach behind the ear. Then, just finish with a regular braid.
This is the most important step. Pull the edges of the braid out to expand the braid.
Bring the braid to the opposite side of the head and pin against the scalp.
Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 on the opposite side.
Take the braid and attach it to the opposite side underneath the previous braid.



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