Dutch Braid Updo 

I love a Dutch Braid! A Dutch Braid is just the fancy name for the “inside out” braid or “under braid”. It’s just a standard braid where the strands are braided under instead of over and is perfect for styles where you would expand a braid by pulling the edges. Like this updo!! This updo looks complicated but I think you will be very surprised at how easy this is. I think this hairstyle can be fancy enough for a wedding or special event with the right outfit and hair accessory, or even if you just want something different for an everyday style.

Supplies needed: teasing comb, texture spray, clear elastic bands, bobby pins, hairspray

Step 1) Separate the sides from the back making sure you separate some of the hair behind the ear also.
Step 2) Beginning at the crown, start a French Dutch Braid (inside out braid) and braid all the way down to the ends and tie off with an elastic band.
Step 3) The most important step. Simply pull the edges of the braid to expand the braid. Make sure you pull this braid out a lot.
Step 4) Roll the ends of the braid under and secure at the nape with bobby pins. You could also stop here if you include the sides into the braid to begin with.
Step 5) Pin sections of the braid against your scalp for extra security.
Step 6) Twist a section of hair from the side, pull the edges apart for texture, drape over the updo in the back and pin in place tucking the ends behind the braid.
Step 7) Grab the next section and do the same thing. Twist, pull to expand the texture, drape, and pin. Repeat on opposite side.

How simple was that? It looks like you spent so much time on it. I hope you try out this hairstyle 🙂 If you do, I would love to see it.   Tag #hairandmakeupbyemily


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