How To Make Your Eyeliner Last 

Have you used pencil or gel liners that smudge after a few hrs? I sure have and it happens even quicker if you have oily skin. Even my favorite smudge proof gel liner seems to move after a few hours. This tip is a quick and easy way to fix that problem.

What you will need: Eyeshadow the same shade as your eyeliner, Eyeliner brush

**Remember to add some extra face powder under your eyes and on your cheeks anytime you use black or dark brown shadows so you won’t ruin your makeup from fallout.

Apply your eyeliner any way you choose, wether it be pencil or gel (I always prefer gel liner with a brush). Then, take an eyeliner brush and simply dip into the eye shadow and apply it right on top of the liner. A little goes a long way. This will “mattify” the eyeliner making it last longer. If any dark shadow fell on your face, just dust it away with a face brush.



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