Criss-Cross Ponytail

Who doesn’t love a ponytail? Seriously it’s the most go-to style for everyone and it is easy to change up. I have soooooo many ideas for ponytails so I’ll be posting quite a few tutorials about them.

Styles like this are best on second or third (or fourth shhhh!!! Don’t judge) day hair.   This one took me about 5 minutes because my hair was already previously styled the day before.

Supplies needed: Hair elastic, Bobby pins, Hairspray, Teasing comb

Before you start tease the crown for desired volume.

Step 1) Put the hair at the crown and just below the crown in a ponytail leaving the bottom and sides out.
Step 2) Take a section from one of the sides and twist it slightly.
Step 3) Bring this section over to the opposite side and pin just behind the ponytail.
Step 4) Repeat on opposite side. Pinning just behind the ponytail.
Step 5) Taking another section from the first side, repeat the same steps
Step 6) I’m sure you get the point. Just keep alternating sides and pin under the ponytail for the criss-cross effect.
Step 7) You’re going to stop criss-crossing when you reach the bottom/side sections, leaving the hair out at the very bottom.
Step 8) Pin that last section behind the ponytail.
Step 9) Once your done, gently pull the sections just a little bit to make it appear more “fluffy”.

For another easy ponytail idea CLICK HERE



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