My Pregnancy Journey (How I Told Him) 

This is the first of many posts about my pregnancy journey. I am happy to write about the entire experience and share it with you.

Jonathan and I have been married for over 7 years, so when we found out we were expecting, we were beyond happy and excited. Especially since it didn’t happen right when we when expected it to. We had to wait and wonder for a while but that’s ok because God’s timing is always perfect and special. It was a year and a half later when we found out the week of our 7 year Anniversary!

How I Found Out 

Due to having an “off” feeling and some immediate symptoms, I just knew I was pregnant even though all the tests said negative. I kept testing every morning wondering when the test were gonna be accurate and tell the truth lol. Everyday that went by I felt more and more off, like not myself at all. On the 5th day of testing, I was staying at my Nanny’s house with my sisters and brought a test with me to test the next morning. I don’t know how they didn’t suspect something because I went to bed at 9:00 P.M. exhausted. That doesn’t happen when we’re all together lol. We usually stay up late partying with food and coffee or tea. The next morning, I took the test and waited the recommended time. NEGATIVE!  I threw the test away and about 30 minutes later I said “maybe it changed”. So, yep, I dug it out if the trash and peeked at it. IT WAS POSITIVE! The faintest line you’ve ever seen. I was so overwhelmed and it was special to me that my suspicion was confirmed at my nanny’s house.

How I Told Him

I wanted to tell him instantly but I couldn’t because he was working out of town for a few days and I did not want to tell him over the phone. I was thinking “how am I going to be able to keep this secret for a couple days?”  I wanted to plan a huge surprise, maybe bake something, or make something, I don’t know.  So, as I was thinking of ways to tell him in the biggest way possible, he calls and says he is on the way home and will be here in about 40 minutes. Nooooo, I needed time to plan this out and make it special lol. No time to make something and no time to bake something. I jumped in the car and headed to Target for inspiration. Running out of time, I found a cute monkey stuffed animal (Jonathan’s favorite) and had an idea.

As I am sitting in the recliner pretending to be interested in whatever is on my laptop, Jonathan finally walks in. My heart is pounding hahahah. We have a short conversation of “Hey I missed you, how are you, how was your trip, glad your home…” blah blah blah. He kisses me on the cheek as he  walks past me towards the bathroom in the hallway of our house. I watch him get distracted and stop dead in his tracks as he saw the cute monkey hanging on the door of the future nursery and a sign that says “Baby Holland’s Room”. He looks at me like “Really?!?” and I jumped up and starting screaming and attacked him lol. He was so happy that he couldn’t believe it. So, I proved it to him by showing him the test. Yep, it’s real and I was already 4 weeks along.

Well, that completes the first post of “Our Pregnancy Journey” and there’s a lot more to come so stay tuned. Also, if you subscribe by clicking the follow button below you’ll get an email notification everytime I post.


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