“4 Ponytails” Updo Tutorial

I am constantly thinking of easy hairstyles to share with you. My goal isn’t to teach the hairstylist new tricks but to think about the ones who don’t do hair. To teach the the ones that don’t know that there are “easier” ways to achieve great styles like the busy mom, or the young teen.

This hairstyle is done by creating four different ponytails and I feel like it’s fairly easy to achieve, especially on second day hair.

Supplies needed: Elastic bandsTeasing combBobby pins, Hairspray.

Step 1) Tease the crown for desired volume. Then, take two side sections, twist them and pull them toward the back of the head.
Step 2) Put the twisted hair in a ponytail and tighten.
Step 3) Put the remaining hair in 3 different ponytails or more of you want. Then start with the middle ponytail and slightly twist it.
Step 4) Tuck the center ponytail in the first ponytail and bobby pin in place.
Step 5) Then pick up the next ponytail and twist away from your face.
Step 6) Tuck that ponytail in the first ponytail and pin in place
Step 7) Repeat with the last section
Step 8) Now gently tug at the edges all over for softer look.

I hope you tried this easy updo. If so, please share and tag me at #hairandmakeupbyemily Thanks for visiting.



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