Journey To Parent Hood (Telling The Family)

Where do I even begin? Jonathan and I were trying to figure out how in the world we were going to tell the family. We had no idea how we wanted to tell them but knew we had to soon.  I don’t think anyone was expecting to hear this kind of news because anytime we were asked about it, we acted uninterested in the topic… “We’re not ready,” or “maybe one day” was always the answer.

Telling The Hollands

About 5 days after we found out, the opportunity came up to tell Jonathan’s parents. They were going out of town the next day so we had to tell them quick. Since we had just finished redecorating our bedroom, we figured that would be a great excuse to invite them over to see the transformation. I wanted them to notice the nursery door just like Jonathan did. (Click here if you haven’t read that story.) When they arrived, I was so nervous that I told Jon we had to do this quick or else I was gonna pass out. We immediately said, “Come look at the room. It’s so pretty!” Haha. They came into the bedroom (which has a clear view of the nursery door directly in front of it) and loved it and talked about how pretty it was. I was thinking, “Turn around! Turn around!” There was a few minutes of talking before they turned around to ease out of the room. Mrs. Rhonda was walking past the nursery door, and she noticed the monkey hanging on the door, under the “Baby Holland’s Room” sign. She giggled and said, “Awe, that’s cute.” She took a few more steps past the room and then stopped dead in her tracks, and turned around so fast, gasped, and looked at us like, “Is that what I think it is?” We shook our heads “Yes” and she started screaming at us and attacked me. (Literally). There was a lot of jumping and screaming, crying, hugging and laughing. They were super caught off guard and happy. Then, we wanted to FaceTime Joel and Ryan, since they don’t live here. We were hoping they would answer, but it was late, and sure enough, they were already asleep. But we eventually got them on the phone lol. We were all going to Disney together in a couple months, so when Joel answered, we told him to wake up Ryan, because we had a “Disney question”. Jonathan and I stood in front of the nursery door and said, “We have a problem…We need to change our Disney fastpasses…” (They were probably thinking, “Really? Right now?”) Jon and I moved out of the way to show them the announcement on the door, and Jon said, “…Because Emily won’t be able to ride most of the rides now.” Even though we woke them up, their reaction was great! And I’m sure they still forgave us after that. Joel immediately started talking about his future nephew. He “knew it was gonna be a boy” lol. When we hung up, Jon and I went out to dinner with his parents to discuss all of the excitement.

Telling The Pearsons 
This one might get lengthy so grab some popcorn. The very next day as I was about to nervously call my parents to invite them over, my Momma made everything easy for us by calling and saying, “If y’all are going be home, we want to stop by and see the new bedroom makeover tonight.” Thank God! I told her yes and that I would cook dinner and invite the sisters over to hang out too. But here’s the problem, Bethany couldn’t get here when Momma and Daddy got here and Brittany couldn’t come until much later. We had to tell everyone separately but it made it so much fun.

Momma and Daddy walked in and I was so nervous. We immediately tried to show them the bedroom. We walked in the room and  talked about this makeover for what seemed like forever. No one noticed the nursery door right in front of them. Thank God my Daddy started walking out of the bedroom to get some food and noticed the door and said, “They got a Baby Holland Room now”. I said, “Yeah we will need that in April”. It didn’t register at all because he started talking about something else. Meanwhile, Jonathan is saying, “Surprise” to Momma who is staring at the door with no expression at all. Dead. I said, “It’s true we’re having a baby”. Daddy says in the softest voice ever, “A baby really?” and he started to tear up. Meanwhile, Momma is still frozen and expressionless. Haha. I asked her if she was ok, told her she was going be a grandmother and she just stares. Jon and I are laughing so hard because she froze for minutes. She couldn’t even speak. I told her it was true and that I can prove it by showing her the tests if she didn’t believe me. She’s still frozen. Finally, she whispered, “Really? My baby is having a baby?” I told her I wouldn’t lie about this. Lol. She finally snapped out of her daze and was so excited. She has been a nut ever since.  Her reaction was priceless because I did not expect her to be completely speechless about it.

Bethany came and of course we did the same thing to her. We took her to see the room and waited for her to turn around. She noticed the surprise after a couple minutes and said, “What’s that?” Momma jumps in with excitedment and says, “She’s pregnant! Emily’s pregnant.” Bethany’s reaction was calm and sweet (like always). She just kept saying she couldn’t believe it and that she was really happy to be an aunt. We had so much fun talking about it and eating dinner while waiting for Brittany to show up later.

Brittany was the difficult one because she already had plans that night and when we invited her to come over after she was free. She was tired and didn’t really want to come over. I know it was late, but there was no way we could have let her go home with Bethany and be the only one that didn’t know. So, we begged and asked for a while and she just kept saying, “No. It’s late.” We tried bribing with ice cream and movies, until we finally just told her we NEEDED her to stop by the house. After bugging her to death, she agreed to come probably just to shut us up. Haha. When she got there, we told her to check out our bedroom, duh. Brittany is the super observant one that notices anything and everything around her so shortly after she walked into our bedroom, she immediately screamed, “Whaaaatttt?” She ran to the nursery door, snatched the monkey off of the door and began to cradle it like a baby while continuing to yell and jump and scream. I’m sure she forgot that she was tired and wanted to go home. We all stayed up for hours talking about it.

It was great reliving those moments over and over. It will never get old.

Thanks for stopping by to read our life stories. There will be plenty more to come.

Photographer Jennifer Druelle Photographics


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