The “Can’t Braid” Fishtail Braid

This tutorial is for those who can’t braid or have trouble doing a fishtail braid. This looks so complicated doesn’t it? Well, I assure you it isn’t at all. This is the perfect technique to do on yourself, your daughter or friend. Anyone! The exact same technique can be used as a side braid also. A tutorial will be coming soon for that one also.

Supplies needed: Teasing Comb, Clear Elastics,  Hairspray

Before you start, tease the crown for desired volume.

Step 1) Start by taking 2 side sections and tie them together with a clear elastic. (I ran out of clear, so I had to use black lol)
Step 2) Reach underneath the elastic and pull the ponytail hair through to create a “topsy”. Pull to tighten
Step 3) *Spoiler Alert. You’re going to repeat this step until you feel like stopping. Grab 2 more side sections and repeat.
Step 4) Keep grabbing side sections and repeat the previous steps. You can stop here or keep going.
Step 5) Keep on pony-tailing
Step 6) When you reach the free hair at the bottom, just keep taking side sections and repeat the same steps. You can stop at any point. I chose to stop here 🙂
Step 7) This step is what makes the hairstyle look fantastic. Pull at the edges to create tons of texture. Try not to make it perfect. This makes the style look so intricate and “difficult”.

I hope you try this super easy hairstyle. It really is a great solution for those who just can’t fishtail braid. If you do try it, I would love to see it. Just hashtag #hairandmakeupbyemily if you post it:)

Thank you stopping by.



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