Journey To Parenthood (The First Trimester) 

Even after the proof of the test, I still couldn’t believe I was pregnant. My whole life, I knew this would be a part of my future one day but once it happened, it felt like a dream. It still does. I keep flashing back to that little girl with her doll in her stroller and her diaper bag packed with all the essentials. I remember that like it was yesterday. I was a great doll mom. Hahah. Does that count?  Whether it does or doesn’t, I’m excited to share my real life journey.

The day that I told Jonathan was a special day, not only because I told him about the baby, but also because I had signed up for a paint class at our church that night. I didn’t even know what picture we were painting in the class, but when I got there and saw the painting, I almost lost it. I was so happy that I got to create something so pretty and special on this day. I know it just seems like a mason jar flower painting but I felt like this painting represented the first day of a life change. Everytime I look at it, I’ll remember the day I told Jonathan. 

My First Trimester Symptoms

I immediately felt like a different person from the start. I had fatigue and lack of energy even with 10 hours of sleep.  I also had cramps for about 4 weeks straight and constant headaches but was so paranoid about taking any medicine in this first trimester, that I toughed it out. Lol!  I lost my appetite which made me lose a little weight and I had to make myself eat. The nausea started at week 5. It wasn’t that bad but it always got worse at night so, I ended up going to bed early every night. Thankfully, I only had 2 days of morning sickness where I was actually throwing up all day. I noticed that my nausea came whenever my stomach was empty. It was so hard to eat when I felt sick but as soon as I did I felt better. The foods that helped me were: saltines, pretzels, dry cereal, toast, carbs, carbs, and carbs. Hahaha. Other things that helped were: lemon drops, ginger tea, ginger candy, ginger snaps, and lemons. All of these things really did help as long as I ate them constantly. I would say with those symptoms I named above, I was blessed.

Cravings and Aversions

Those darn hormones. At first, I didn’t really crave much of anything because of the slight nausea. I pretty much lived off of the items I named above for a few weeks and lost 4 pounds. Then, around week 10 the nausea started fading and I started gaining my appetite back along with the weight I lost in the previous weeks. CRAVINGS; Mexican food, Chinese food, spicy food, burgers, steak. See the trend here? Anything with red meat. Jonathan kept saying, “Yep! That’s my kid” because I started eating like him.  Also, I loved anything with with cheese and any kind of carb. AVERSIONS; Chicken, fruit, vegetables, sweets and most importantly COFFEE!! Yep! I could barely even smell coffee which was heartbreaking. Lol. Pretty much all the healthy foods that I was used to (except sweets) is what I absolutely despised. It’s funny to me how things I always loved, I couldn’t even smell anymore. I held my breath driving down Whiskey Road because I could smell the chicken at the restaurants so strongly. I would even dream of eating and smelling chicken and would wake up feeling sick but it was nothing the ginger snaps on my night stand couldn’t fix. Hehe . Why couldn’t I dream of burgers or cheese?

The First Ultrasound

Jonathan and I didn’t want to share our news with anyone else except immediate family until after that first 8 week appointment. We wanted to hear the heartbeat and see the baby for the first time. We were so nervous and hoping everything would be ok. As soon as the nurse put the device on my belly, she had no trouble finding Baby Holland. He looked like a cute little shrimp with a perfect heartbeat. It all became so real in that moment for us. He wasn’t just a line on a test anymore. We were overwhelmed by how we felt and couldn’t wait to tell all the family and close friends.

Baby Holland Shrimp lol

On the way back home from the doctor, I texted and called as many family members as I could to tell them the good news. We were also planning to tell our friends Vanessa and Lucas that night at our house. We faked them out with the first Carolina Game of football season.  That was a fun time. The next day, we went with them and their family to the mountains for a weekend vacation and had a blast. So, pretty much after that trip we told the people that are closest to us in our lives but didn’t want to tell the whole world (social media) until after the first trimester. We had our photographer Jennifer Druelle take some announcement pics for us to share with the public when it came time to announce. I’m so happy to have these pictures. Click HERE to view the announcement shoot.

The Second Doctors Visit

This was my 12 week check up. When my doctor put the monitor on my belly to check the heart beat, there was nothing. She kept searching and searching until finally she stopped and said we were going to do an ultra sound. I was thinking the worst and was so worried. I had to wait about 30 minutes and it was the longest 30 minutes ever. I finally got into the ultrasound room and as soon as she put the device on my belly, there he was wiggling around and he had a very strong heartbeat. I was so relieved. It was the first time I had ever seen my baby move too. So, what happened? Come to find out, my uterus had flipped backwards towards my back, so he was hidden. Lol. Apparently it’s a common abnormality that has no negative affect except hiding the baby more. Which is why I didn’t “show” until much later in my pregnancy. (For those of you who expressed such great concern for my size, there’s your explanation. Lol) He was right on track with his growth and so was I.

I can’t believe the growth difference in just 1 month

I would say my first trimester was life changing. Even with the small negative things I dealt with, the simple fact that I was pregnant, clouded the negative and made me so happy. I’m so thankful and feel so blessed.

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