“The Knot” Tutorial

Can you tie your shoes? Hopefully the answer is yes. Lol! If so, you can do the hairstyle. It works the best on hair that doesn’t have short layers. It’s so easy and different than your average half-up hairstyle.

Supplies needed: Teasing Comb, Bobby Pins, Hairspray

Before you get started tease the crown of your hair and spray for desired volume.

Step 1) Grab a good size section of hair from each side.
Step 2) Literally, loop the hair like you would tying your shoe and pull tight.
Step 3) Repeat step 2 again. Just like tying a double knot.
Step 4) Take one of loose ends and pin in an upward direction.
Step 5) Now tuck and pin any loose ends underneath the hair above it to hide.
Step 6) Repeat on opposite side and you are done.

It’s such a pretty and easy style. Who knew tying knots in your hair could be so cute? I hope you try this style.



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