Journey To Parenthood (The Second Trimester) 

DISNEY (Bump’s First Visit)

“The Bump.” That is what we called the baby the entire trip. Jonathan’s dad would constantly say funny things like, “The Bump wants ice cream.” or ,”Maybe we should ask The Bump what to do next.” Our pins even said, “Bump’s First Visit.” Hehe.  Anyway, we were there for nine days with Jonathan’s family and had a blast. I knew I couldn’t ride a lot of my favorite rides but I didn’t care at all. It was a different experience being there while pregnant because everything we saw and everything we did made us think of how we couldn’t wait to bring our little one back and experience it all over again through their eyes. We constantly wondered if Baby Holland would be wearing Minnie or Mickey ears since we didn’t know the gender.

I definitely got tired quicker than the previous trips and I feel like the goal was finding me a bathroom the entire time. Lol. I literally had to go every single hour but it didn’t ruin my trip. It was actually kind of funny. I kept telling myself it could be much worse. I mean, I could’ve been sick the whole time. I didn’t have many food issues so I got to really pig out. In case I had any smell issues, I kept peppermint oil in my bag to put under my nose and that really helped. We made so many new memories and I can’t think of a better way to kickoff the second trimester.

Symptoms, Cravings and Aversions

The second trimester was a dream compared to the first one. I got my energy back and felt fantastic. My only SYMPTOMS were: some lower back pain, random headaches and having to pee a lot. No Biggie. I did have two rapid blood sugar drops that made me black out. Those were very scary but I am glad I was in a safe place with people around me and that I had my glucose pills with me. Also, I had pelvic pain that started in the 2 trimester. My doctor said normally your hips and pelvis relax at the end of your pregnancy due to harmones, but I was in that smaller percentage that had this happen way too early. Some days it hurt and somedays it didn’t. It was also affecting my sleep so, I decided to invest in the pregnancy body pillow. It has been a lifesaver in helping reduce back and hip pain and I’ve slept great ever since. I would highly recommend getting this Pillow. Most of my food issues went away also. Honestly my only CRAVINGS were cereal and milk. Cheerios to be exact. I could’ve eaten it all day everyday and it was my dinner most nights. Jonathan felt bad that I was eating Cheerios while he ate the “real food” that I cooked for dinner and I had to make him realize that I was actually super happy. Lol. The only AVERSION was still chicken. There was instant nausea when I smelled chicken.

First, here’s a little back story. I’m not saying we were 100% confident it was gonna be a boy but we did have a strong feeling. While in our early dating years (ages 15 and 16 lol), we had a conversation about future kids’ names. We both said Josiah would be the name of our future son no matter what. We were completely set on that name and many people we were close to knew it also.

The time was here. We were about to go to our 20 week ultrasound. We were uninterested in the nurses putting the results in an envelope or waiting to find out with others at a reveal. No! We wanted to find out live and in person, just the two of us watching that screen. So that’s what we did and it was so special. We had that feeling we were gonna see Josiah Baby. As soon at the nurse put the device on my belly, guess what we saw? Josiah!!!! With his butt facing the top of my belly and legs completely spread apart from one side to the other, there was no mistaking it. The nurse said, “I’m going to let you call this one yourself.” We both said, “It’s Josiah!” We weren’t surprised but we were super excited to finally know for sure. I’ll never forget that moment.

We couldn’t wait to tell the family and wanted to tell immediate family first. Me and my sisters went to the party store and bought the gender reveal decorations to decorate my house. We bought, “Team boy” and “Team girl” decor. They went above and beyond with decor, balloons and these amazing cookies made by The Wire Wisk Bake House and they were the best cookies EVER! Usually pretty cookies aren’t as tasty as they look, but these were! 

The rest of the family shows up and they DO NOT want to wait to find out the news. So, Jon and I grab the confetti poppers and pass them out to everyone while his mom got Joel and Ryan on FaceTime. We count to 3 and everyone pops the blue confetti everywhere. Everyone screamed, jumped and rejoiced. We loved being able to focus on everyone else’s reaction. Then, we ate pizza and cookies while watching the ultra sound gender reveal video.

Since Thanksgiving was only 6 days away, we kept the gender a secret until Thanksgiving dinner because my entire family would be there. The cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles, and so on. Lol. I wanted to bring the rest of the confetti poppers and pop them after dinner. That’s what we did and it was great. After the family knew, we immediately shared our gender reveal photos on social media. Click HERE to view them. This was definitely a Thanksgiving to remember.

20 weeks!!! Halfway there!!


Me and my family wanted to do one last mini family vacation before the baby came. We decided to book the Biltmore Village Inn Bed and Breakfast in the Asheville mountains for a couple of days and visit the Biltmore Estate. That was an amazing weekend and the best part…. it was Christmas time. The bed and breakfast was beautifully decorated, charming and the breakfast was amazing. CHECK IT OUT! We did the candle light tour at the Biltmore Estate which was magical. We ate and shopped at the stables and visited the Winery. That weekend trip wasn’t long enough.

The next weekend we went on another family trip with Jonathan’s family to Charleston, SC. I’ve have never been to Charleston during Christmas time and was super excited about it. We ate some awesome food, did a little shopping and visited the Festival of Lights. That weekend didn’t last long enough either.

This Christmas was so much fun because we got Josiah some presents for each other to open. I actually liked opening someone else’s presents. Lol.  We tried to make it extra special this year since it was our last Christmas just the 2 of us. I also decided not to book any weddings in December this year so I could enjoy extra time with my family.


When Jonathan and I went to the 28 week ultrasound, they did a few 3D scans. We couldn’t believe how chubby his cheeks were and how much he looked like his daddy already.



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