Fancy Ponytail Tutorial

I love ponytails! There are endless ways to change them up. With just a few extra steps, you can take your ordinary ponytail to the next level. 

Here are the supplies needed: Hair ElasticsTeasing CombBobby PinsHairspray

BEFORE YOU START: Tease the hair for desired volume.

Step 1) Separate the sides and top from the back and tie all of the hair in the back into a ponytail.
Step 2) Gather just the hair from the top of the head and leave the sides out.
Step 3) Twist this hair just above the ponytail and place a bobby pin or two into the twist to secure it.
Step 4) Now take the hair from one of the sides, slightly twist it and drape over the ponytail to the opposite side.
Step 5) Wrap this hair all the way around the ponytail. Pick up a loop from the hair elastic underneath the ponytail and pull the hair through to secure it.
Step 6) Repeat on opposite side. Slightly twist the hair and drape over the ponytail.
Step 7) Again lift up a loop if the elastic and pull the hair through underneath.
Step 8) Tease the ponytail to make it extra fluffy. (Optional)



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