Journey To Parenthood (The Third Trimester) 

The third trimester wasn’t as busy as the previous two, but a lot definitely changed. In this trimester, the excitement, nervousness, and nursery planning made it all feel real. 


I had always wanted to be a stay at home mom and I just knew that I would end up quitting work whenever that time came. I’ve done hair for eight years and about four years ago is when I discovered my love for the bridal business. So, my future plan was to quit taking regular color and cut clients and just book wedding appointments when the time came. I quit mid-January and feel like I made the right decision for me.  I’ll still be able to pursue my passion in the bridal business, stay home with the baby and work on my blog for fun. I’m excited about this life change.


 Jonathan and I were so overwhelmed when we registered. Do we really need everything on the registry list? Haha. Thankfully, we got almost everything we needed at our shower.

My shower was amazing and I had nothing to do with it. My sisters totally took control and planned the entire thing. I’m glad because if it was up to me, it wouldn’t have happened. Lol. I was so nervous because I don’t like parties centered around me and being the focus of the room but it was fine. We had such a good turn out and I was overwhelmed by all the gifts. The decor was beautiful and the food was fantastic. Here, are some pics from my shower.


Symptoms. In this trimester, the fatigue has returned and I just can’t get enough sleep.  The pelvic and hip pain is much worse, of course, because he’s getting bigger and bigger. I’m glad I quit working when I did because my doctor told me to rest and stay off my feet as much as possible. The belly band also helped take some of the pressure off. I developed mild carpel tunnel that I only notice at night. My fingers burn and feel really sore during the night. I had a lot of heartburn in this trimester and didn’t have any in the previous trimesters. In this trimester my CRAVINGS changed a little too. I still wanted Cheerios or any other kind of cereal and I craved sugar constantly. I never craved sweets in the previous trimesters, but this was a true sugar struggle. Haha. The most weight was gained in this trimester also (probably from all that sugar). I gained 6 pounds in the first, 10 in the second and 18 in the third. So a total of 34 lbs. There were no food Aversions in this trimester and I was able to eat Chick-fil-A again.


With all the extra time on my hands, I was excited about making a list of things to get done before the baby came. Here, are the things I had on my list. 1) Complete the guest bedroom was one of the main things. It ended up being a “catch all” room of our junk over the years and it drove me crazy. It took me weeks to get everything organized in that room. Now, with new bedding, curtains, paint and pretty decor, I finally have a completed guest room. 2) Purge the junk that I had in my house.  I enjoyed going through everything in my house and finding things to either throw away, give to goodwill or put in storage. You just wouldnt believe the extra stuff we had in this house. We started with clothing and ended up with 10 bags of clothes to give away. 3) Cleaning out the Garage and pantry was next on my list. We have 2 pantries: a small one and a big walk in one. The big walk in pantry was another catch all space but not anymore. Me and my mom worked on getting out the junk and making it organized and functional. We’re going to need all the extra storage space we can get. Same with garage. I also, did a lot of rearranging and changing some things up in the rest of the house. I added updated pics in frames, put up different curtains, and just changed things around. Now my mind is clear and I’m ready. Lol.


Pregnancy was coming to an end and Jon and I weren’t really planning a “baby moon” of any kind. I saw a “Romantic Couple’s Getaway” contest on Facebook and I just had to enter it. It was a weekend getaway in the small town of Ridgeway, SC which is only 1 hour away. I was hoping we would win and we did. Yay! The prize included: High Tea lunch at Laura’s tea room, a wonderful stay at the Wispering Willows Bed and Breakfast, and so many giftcards for the shops in town. We had the best time ever. Lunch at Laura’s is always a wonderful experience and I enjoyed going with Jonathan and doing some shopping after we ate. The bed and breakfast was amazing. The breakfast was wonderful and the room and views were beautiful. What an awesome unexpected baby moon trip for us. The weekend was perfect.

On our way to our weekend getaway
img_2180 img_2181 

Whispering Willows Bed and Breakfast


My favorite part of pregnancy is my belly! I have really enjoyed watching it grow and change. Honestly, I thought the body changes would be the worst part for me to deal with since I’ve always tried to stay the same size, but it wasn’t at all. It fascinated me how I was changing and I loved it. The first time I felt a flutter was at 16 weeks. Now, I feel his entire little body move and roll around and can even tell how he’s laying. I felt him hiccup for the first time in this trimester and ever since then, I feel like he hiccups all the time. So cute! I’m truly going to miss this belly and all that comes with it, but I’m so ready to have him in my arms. I’ve really enjoyed every bit of this pregnancy journey.

Thanks for all who follow and support us in our journey to parenthood. You find out who truly cares about you when you go through life changes that’s for sure.


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