My Tiny Dance Partner

Many of you mommas know that waking up in the middle of the night with your baby is hard. Sometimes, you finally drift off to sleep only to hear your little one cry, or in my case, grunt. Lol. I never wake up to Josiah crying, but instead, he  grunts like he’s clearing his throat until I wake up and get him. I think that’s weird but at least he’s not upset. Thankfully, I’m a light sleeper or I would never hear him and the poor kid would be grunting all night if it was up to his hard sleeping daddy. I get up and unswaddle him, change his diaper, feed him until he’s happy and play with him until he seems tired again. I then have to try to get him back to sleep. This isn’t easy for Josiah. He needs a little help settling down and rocking comfortably in the rocking chair just doesn’t do it. He likes to be high on my shoulder with his face buried in my neck with me standing, swaying back and forth, almost like a slow dance. Trust me, he knows when I sit down because he wakes right back up and gets really antsy. After a few weeks of this repetitive, “dancing” him to sleep, it was becoming such a task to me. A task that was making me roll my eyes after 20 minutes of trying to get to sleep only to see that he is still awake. One night as I was holding him, slowly swaying from one foot to the other, I felt his little body go limp like he was asleep. I glanced at him in the mirror to see if he’s asleep and notice he has the sweetest smile on his face as he’s still awake. He was so happy and content just dancing in my arms and that smile never went away. It was the sweetest moment that only we shared right there in our room while watching his daddy sleep. A few minutes later, I noticed he’s asleep with the same smile still on his face and I no longer wanted to rush to put him down. Instead, I just wanted to hold him and keep on dancing. I thought about how many times my mind was on rushing him to sleep while missing moments like this. How many opportunities does a mother get to slow dance with her son in a lifetime? NOT MANY! I mean, maybe on his wedding day or something like that. I knew moments like this wouldn’t last long at all. Soon, he will be a hyper, loud toddler who might not want to, “slow dance,” anymore. Since that night, everytime I’m up with him, I try not to think about rushing him back to sleep for the sake of me going back to sleep. I just try to enjoy my time slow dancing and humming in his ear until he drifts off to sleep or sometimes much longer. I’m aware that this may sound silly to some, but for me, it made me start to enjoy those midnight moments instead of dread them. I know every baby is different and some might be a little more difficult, but this is my story. Count every late night and early morning with your little one an opportunity instead of a task or a job and you might not mind the loss of sleep as much. For me, it’s another opportunity to slow dance!


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