Pull-Through Braid Updo

Ok! This hairstyle is so easy and I’m all about easy these days. I’m pretty sure anyone can do it. It only took me minutes to do and it’s so beautiful and elegant. I can just see this style with a nice dress for a wedding or formal event. It even looks good with this white t-shirt. Lol. I think you will be surprised how simple this style is to create.

Let’s start with the supplies that you’ll need: Elastic bands, Teasing Comb, Hairspray and Bobby pins

STEP 1) After teasing the crown for volume, make 2 small ponytails in the back behind your ear.
STEP 2) Take the first ponytail and split it in half.
STEP 3) Take the second ponytail and place it in between the first ponytail and clip it out of the way.
STEP 4) Grab another section of hair and add it to the hair that you previously spilt. Create a new ponytail.
STEP 5) Unclip the ponytail that you have out of the way and split it in half. We are repeating this process several times.
STEP 6) Place the next ponytail in between the split one and clip out of the way.
STEP 7) Keep repeating this process until you reach just behind the opposite ear. Tie off the rest of the hair with one last ponytail.
STEP 8) This is the step that makes the hairstyle great. Pull the edges of the hair to create texture. Don’t be shy.
STEP 9) Take the loose hair, twist it and tuck/hide it under the updo and secure with bobby pins.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy this style as much as I did. It’s a fun one! 



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