A Good Night’s Sleep With Zipadee Zip.

It was that time. Time to transition from the swaddle when Josiah started breaking free from it and trying to roll over. What in the world were we gonna do now? He slept soo good when he was swaddled. Well, I remember an episode of Shark Tank where a husband and wife invented a safe wearable blanket called the Zipadee Zip. Their company is called Sleeping Baby. I kept researching and reading about it and it seemed like the perfect solution for us. 

We went a few nights without any kind of swaddle before purchasing the Zipadee Zip just to see if he would sleep ok. Well, let’s just say I lost sleep those nights. Josiah just kept waking up every couple of hours crying, and he NEVER does that. So, we ordered the Zippy.


The Zipadee Zip came in and he looked so cute when we tried it on him. Like a little starfish. I wish we had of ordered a cute print though. I’m not sure why we ordered a plain teal color because they have so many prints to choose from. The first night in the Zippy was a success and every night since then. Josiah loves to hold something in his hand while he sleeps so this is the perfect solution since the hands are covered. He doesn’t startle as much and he feels secure all night long. I love that he is able to roll over while wearing it and will also be able to crawl whenever that time comes. 

It’s also the perfect bedtime cuddle blanket.

The other night at bedtime, I was searching for his Zippy and realized it was still in the dirty laundry (mommy brain). There was no time to wash and dry it so we had to just go without it. He woke up every hour and kept falling asleep and waking up. This went on until 3:30 am. I blame this on me not having his Zippy clean. While I enjoyed the extra cuddles, I was exhausted. Needless to say, this momma needed all the coffee the next day and I will NOT forget his Zippy again. The next night, after his bath, we put him in his Zippy and bedtime was a breeze. He’s was asleep by 8:30 PM and slept until…………….. 8:45 AM. That’s 12 hours. It’s a miracle! Lol.

If your interested in this miracle blanket click HERE and browse their site and use the coupon code EMILYH to receive $5 off your order. I’m gonna need to pick out a second one to help prevent another sleepless night. 


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