Josiah’s Birthday Easter Shoot

Josiah’s one year old. How did this happen? This year literally flew by so fast. He’s changing and learning everyday and I just can’t keep up. So, I had to do this shoot for his 1 year milestone. I struggled with a theme for his shoot until I realized his birthday was on Good Friday. So, an Easter theme seemed perfect. Originally, we wanted an outdoor shoot at one of the awesome parks here in Cincinnati, but it started snowing the day before his shoot. Can you imaging a half-naked baby eating a birthday cake in the snow? It might be pretty but that would be one unhappy baby. Plan B was us meeting the photographer at her studio.

We brought a few simple props for the shoot but the star of the show was definitely Josiah and he did not disappoint. He was so funny and cooperative for the photographer and that shocked me. He doesn’t like to sit still especially when he knows you want him to.

She did a few test shots and we couldn’t believe how he was posing. He’s just too cool.

Here are some Easter themed shots.

And……. more!

Now for the cake smashing. This boy has never had cake before and I was so excited to watch him try it. When he tasted it and realized it was good, he started slapping it like he was beating a drum. It was fun to watch. He ate a few more bites before he turned the cake upside down.

Boy was that a mess to clean up. We all had fun at this shoot and Josiah crashed early that night from all the sugar.

Photographer: Loren Danae Photo


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