Peaches For Fall

Every Fall season, I tend to want to change things up a bit. My house, my wardrobe, my hair and my makeup. I found this beautiful peach haircolor by Joico and told myself I would attempt to use it the next time the baby fell asleep. So while the baby was sleeping, I was coloring and this was the result. Peach perfection! 

Now let’s talk makeup. I also tried some new makeup shades to compliment the hair color. They’re not your typical fall shades, actually, they’re are more like summer. Lol. I guess I just like the warmth of these colors for a change. I was surprised at how much I loved these shades of peach on me.  Products used are listed below. 

Blush: Bare Minerals blush in Vintage Peach. Now, this isn’t a new shade for me. It’s my favorite blush and I’ve used it for about 4 years now. 

Highlight: Highlight Trio by City Color Cosmetics. I got this in my ipsy bag ūüėČ

Shadow: Meet Matte-Trimony Palette (The Balm) and the Makeup Geek shade in Cosmopolitan

Lipstick/Gloss: Meet Matte Hughes lipstick in the shade Doting (The Balm) and Bare Minerals gloss in future star. 

Check out that glow!!! I absolutely love this highlight by. It has 3 shades in the palette that are warm cool and neutral. For this look, I wore the cool pink shade. I have also fallen in love with the Meet Matte-Trimony Palette by the Balm Cosmetics. The colors are very intimidating, but I enjoy experimenting with them. Here are the order of shades I used to create this peachy, glowy look.

1) I used Matt Lin all over the lid.

2) I used Matt Thomas in the crease.

3) I used a little bit of Matt Moscowitz also in the crease for depth. The purple shade will bring out the peachy tones since they are opposite tones.

4) A touch of Matt Ahmed at the outer corner and lower lash line.

5) I finished the look by adding this shimmery peachy shade by Makeup Geek called Cosmopolitan on my lid. 


My Top Favorite Hair Products

I’ve used lots of products throughout the years and I must say that none compare to these. They are truly the best and most dependable products I’ve ever used. I work with lots of bride’s and I know that when I use them, I have confidence that the styles will last. Since they work so well for my clients on their special day, why wouldn’t I used them on myself everyday? All of the following products are by Kenra Professional! 


Let’s start off with this incredible product! This product isn’t for everyone but it’s definitely for me. I have very course, dry hair and need all of the smoothing moisture I can get. This product smooths the hair, add shine and smells like candy. If you already have silky smooth, or flat hair, you could just use it as a heat protector on the ends only. This is perfect for sleek and polished styling. 


What a fantastic product this is. It’s light weight and easy to use. It adds texture to any style and doesn’t build up on the hair, unlike waxes and pomades that leave a sticky residue. Anyone can use this product. 

TIPS: Add it to your roots before teasing for extra lift and grip. Spray on pre-curled hair and break up the curls with fingers for a textured look. Spray all over before braiding so braids really hold well. Spray on hair before adding bobby pins for extra grip. BUY THIS NOW!!


This is the best hairspray out there! Kenra makes many levels of hold and this one holds even better than the freeze spray to me because it has a super fine mist and dry very quick. You can add many layers of this hairspray and the hair will never look stiff and plastered. It’s definitely my go to hairspray for my clients as well as myself. 


This is a new product by Kenra Professional and definitely a keeper. I would describe this spray as a mix between the 25 hairspray and the texture spray. It’s matte (no shine) finish creates a textured feel much like the texture spray but has hold like hairspray. The best of both worlds. It also has a smell that is great for men to use. Not feminine at all! I’ve been using this product along with the 25 hairspray and I don’t even have to think about my hair the rest of the day! 

Hopefully you will enjoy these products as much as I do. 



As some of you may already know, I am absolutely obsessed with light fresh neutrals. I’m not really a dark smokey eye kind of girl. My long time favorite palette is the IT COSMETICS Naturally Pretty Palette, but this one is rising to top of my favorites list and the best part is it’s totally affordable. I paid $20 for it!! It’s called the neutral iBook Palette by Shany Cosmetics. 

Check out the packaging of this palette. It resembles and IPad. It has a case that is easy to flip open and prop up. Totally adorable! 

I am pretty much able to wear any of the shades in this iBook especially the light warm soft shades at the top. DREAMY. The colors are pigmented enough to be super blendable. Most of these shades are warm neutrals so if you don’t like warm shades, this isn’t the palette for you. I will say that I wear the bronzers, blushes and highlighters, (at the top and bottom of the palette) as eye shadows because I like others better. I also do not like the primer (located as the home button) at all. It’s sticky and it creases, but hey, you’re not purchasing this for the primer. I use my own primer. 

Just look at these shades. They are creamy and dreamy and perfect for everyday natural looks. Do yourself a favor and order this NOW! 


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