Simple Twisted Updo

What a beautiful style that’s also simple to create. It’s super elegant and perfect for any occasion, especially for weddings. Follow to steps below to create this twisted style! 

Supplies needed: Elastic bands, Bobby pinsHairspray

STEP 1) I started with leftover curled hair and teased the crown for volume. Take the hair at the crown and pin it in place to create as much volume as you want.
STEP 2) Grab a large section of hair from the side and split it in half.
STEP 3) Twist those two sections together.
STEP 4) Pull on the edges of the twist to expand and add texture.
STEP 5) Now, drape that hair over to the opposite side and pin in place.
STEP 6) Do the same on the opposite side. Twist, pull, and pin. **You can stop at this point for a cute half-upstyle!
STEP 7) Take the hair at the nape of the neck and put an elastic band at the base and near the ends just like this picture.
STEP 8) Tuck the end elastic into the elastic at the base to create a bun and secure with extra bobby pins. Why? Because this will create more volume for the steps to come.
STEP 9) Time to repeat the twist steps again. Start on one side with two sections, twist and pull.
STEP 10) Pin that hair in place on the opposite side and continue these steps until to run out of hair. Just remember to use a good amount of hair for the twists.

Wasn’t this easy? I mean, it’s a lot of steps, but very simple steps. If you try this style, I would love to see it. Just tag #hairandmakeupbyemily.



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